Q: What is the property address?

53-567 Kamehameha Hwy
Punalu'u, O'ahu Hawai'i 96717
(Pronounced Poon uh loo ooh)

Q: What is the contact information?

For rentals you may call Paul Comeau at 1.808.293.8124, or send an email to comeaup001@hawaii.rr.com. However, we think the simpliest option may be to visit our Reservations page.

Q: What are the rental fee/terms?

Each codo type has its own rate structure. For detailed information on rates, amenities and estimates, please visit our Condos page. However, in general, 50% of the total rental fee, plus deposit is due within 10 days of rental. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. Damage deposit is refundable once the property manager, Paul Comeau, has cleared the property.

Q: When is check-in/out?

Check-in is at 3PM (may be negotiated, but needs to be arranged in advance) Check-Out is at 11AM (may be negotiated, but needs to be arranged in advance)

When arriving on island, regardless of whether you are going directly to the condo or not, please contact the property manager, Paul Comeau, and let him know of your arrival. Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours' travel time from the airport to the condo. The distance is only about 31 miles, but 17 miles is a winding, ocean-front drive.

You must meet with the property manager, Paul Comeau, upon arrival to receive your keys, parking permit and elevator fob. The fob is required to go both up and down the elevator. You should receive 2 sets of keys and fobs.

You must meet with the property manager, Paul Comeau, immediately before departure for the final walk-through and to return keys, fobs and parking pass.

Q: Any special "house rules?"

  • Quiet time is between 10PM in the evening until 8AM in the morning.
  • The pool and workout room hours are 10AM - 10PM.
  • Housekeeping is not responsible for washing dishes.
  • Housekeeping will only clean after tenant departure, or if there is a need for supplies (toilet paper, soap, etc.) For any housekeeping needs, contact property manager, Paul Comeau.
  • In the event of any condo damage or failure (plumbing, electric, furniture, etc.), contact the property manager, Paul Comeau, immediately.
  • In the event of an emergency, call 911 immediately, and notify the property manager, Paul Comeau, when possible.
  • Maximum capacity for the condo is 4 persons. Additional charges may apply for rentals with more than 2 adults.
  • No pets.
  • No smoking or vaping.
  • No parties.
  • No wet bathing suits or towels on the indoor furniture.
  • Clean all sand from towels and persons at the washing station at the pool area.
  • Wet swimsuits and towels may not be hung on the lanai railing to dry.
  • Bath towels should be laundered or dried at least every other day.
  • Owner's closet must remain locked and undisturbed.

Q: What are the included features/amenities?

Each condo has its own unique set of amenities. For those details, please be sure to visit our "Condos" page. Amenities are listed for each condo on its details page. However, every condo shares the following amenities:

  • Each unit is fully furnished
  • Washer & Dryer in unit
  • Cable TV channels (including Starz)
  • Private Beach (visitors can walk the beach from other locations, but cannot access the beach from condo property)
  • Outdoor swimming pool and patio
  • Workout room
  • Outdoor shower and foot-wash
  • Outdoor bar-be-que area
  • 24-hour maintenance and security crew
  • Tremendous views

Q: Are there photos of the condo/area?

Yes - lots! Use the buttons below to assist with your review. There are 3 of them. The first is a button to take you to Google Maps with a view of the condo area. The second is a link to our gallery of images, but remember, you can also see images for each condo on its individual page. The final button will pop up an image which provides a general overview of the island of O'ahu.

Q: Are there directions to the condo?

Yes. Use the button below for directions from the airport. HONOLULU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (HNL)

It is actually a pretty easy route, but it can go slowly. O'ahu, Hawai'i has quite a bit of traffic and once you reach the Kamehameha Hwy, the travel is a popular, winding, ocean front drive. It is easiest if you have a smartphone with turn-by-turn directions.

Q: Do I need a car?

Yes! The condo is located in the North Shore area, which locals refer to as "the country." Although there is public transportation right outside the building, it is highly advised that you rent a vehicle. Vehicle rental is pretty painless and car pickup is available right at the airport. However, if you are a member of Costco or Sam's Club, you may want to check their rates. We have heard they are much better than even the lowest airport rental (From our experience, Dollar Rental, but be sure to shop around.)

Q: What about the "necessities?"

There are 2 grocery stores within 5-10 minutes from the condo. One is called Tamura's. It is in a town called Hau'ula (Pronounced How ooh la). There you will also find a Post Office, Long's Drugstore, Domino's and other eateries. There is another grocery store a bit further down the road called Foodland. It is in a town called Laie (Pronounced Lie eh). There you will also find a Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, local eateries, movie theater, Ace Hardware, gas station, and more. Be sure to visit our "Tour Guide" page and click the Essentials tab for details.

Be prepared. Certain food items (milk, cereal, eggs, ground beef and bread) are spendy. Tamura's is the less expensive grocery store, but even that can add up. Local food items/brands are often less expensive than shipped-in products. Comparison shopping can make a significant difference - as can "club" cards. If the store has one, sign up. Also, Hawai'i is in the process of banning all plastic bags. As such, some stores require that you purchase or bring your own bags. Ask the property manager for bags. There are 5-6, reusable Target bags in the condo that you may use.

Q: Are there any recommended local attractions?

Absolutely! First of all, you are on an island that is about 60 miles tall by 40 miles wide - everything is "local" - but not necessarily quick, and not all destinations have a direct route. There are so many attractions that we couldn't list them all, but we have tried to curate some of the bests lists and items. Be sure to vist our "Tour Guide" page for details.